Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anniversary Weekend Chronicles - Day 2

Bye-Bye Motel 6
Saturday evening ... well, I was fighting the onset of a cold Thursday evening and all day Friday ... Bobby said I sniffled & coughed all Friday night before we left. After our rain-dunking and puddle-sousing episodes of the afternoon, by the time we got to dinner at Red Lobster, I was in a stupor even though I'd taken some of the magic 'pink pills' we picked up at Walmart (allergy meds that kick a cold's beHIND!). I ordered salad and soup, then couldn't taste anything but how salty and horrible the soup (gumbo) was. My high hopes for unrestricted, unlimited NO-KIDS-AROUND adult antics in the motel room later were dashed by my pounding head, fever, and snotty nose/cough. %&&*(&(^&*%@)^&!@$#%^(!#^*($% Bobby grinned at me, played doctor gallantly, and tolerated my tossing, coughing, nose-blowing miserable damn night. In the morning, I started crying cuz I felt so bad, but I said, "The heck with that, I'm not wimping out on this weekend with my honey!!" We loaded up our gear and went next door to JB's for coffee and breakfast -- Bobby-the-Bacon-Wrangler enjoyed the breakfast bar -- I got that, too, but ended up eating only oatmeal and some pieces of fruit. We sat next to a huge group of folks speaking a language I couldn't quite identify except to the point that I knew it was NOT German, but close. And also I knew I'd heard it before, somewhere, somehow. Was it Swedish? My ears always always perk up at the sound of other languages, then I listen as best I can to try to see if I can comprehend any of the words. When Bobby and I'd finished, we sat outside on a bench trying to determine how I was feeling, and one of the men from the big party walked by. I asked him what language they were speaking - he only understood me enough to say, 'Denmark', and point at himself. I laughed, "Danish! Oh, okay, I knew it wasn't German." He asked me, 'You are German?' "Yes." He grinned, added, 'I am Denmark, from Denmark,' and walked on toward his truck. Then I realized I'd heard it in the movie Out of Africa (a movie I watch regularly)! [silly, but I'm proud of the fact that I have that 'ear' for languages, that they intoxicate me like that!]