Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Arrival in Jerome

We managed a parking spot directly in front of one of my favorite 'regular stops' - a little shop called 'Cleopatra Hill' ... and this gorgeous beaded chandelier hung in the window. I asked permission to shoot the photo (the shopkeepers invariably say yes, but they also appreciate being asked and say so). Naturally because I can't figure out my camera it's not as detailed as I had hoped - there is intricate seed-beading around all the 'framework' of it, white & crystal (clear) beads. I do like this shot because I pointed the camera out the window, and caught some of the view.
This display also lives in Cleopatra Hill ... oh, the colors! the glimmer! the whole Moroccan-Middle-Eastern sensation of them. I pretend each one contains a scent, as in a parfumerie, or a spice as in an Egyptian market, or even a genie with one wish to grant me! The red hues are my favorite (this time). The deep green bottles had been moved to a glass-mosaic homemade 'cupboard' and my flash fragmented into 50 billion shards in the shot I attempted, which while interesting also completely hid the bottles themselves! This is the shop where I bought a wee gift for Miss Veronica, and where (on our last trip) Bobby bought me a little teabag holder and a hummingbird.