Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Mutha' of all Potential Journals

Yesterday I became the recipient of a roll of plans not quite 3" thick, neatly bound at one edge with some huge metal brads with screw-in/on tops. My co-worker and buddy Greg gallantly toted them out to my truck for me. No one was at home last night to tote them from truck to studio, but those drawing sheets called out to me all evening, & even in my dreams. I must have dreamed 11 or 12 different versions/ attempts at wall-mounted, or roll-out, or roll-about easel/racks which would allow me to hang the set of plans & use them (sheet by lovely large sheet) for the most monstrously-sized journal I've ever even thought about attempting.
I'm still brainstorming; I think (ohmigod) I'm serious about this. They are, of course, way too heavy to hang in their entirety on the wall, but I think I could do a few sheets at a time, like a wall-hung easel, with some kind of nails or binder clips or something. And because the whole set is brad-bound, & comes apart, I can add completed sheets one by one, & replace the empty ones up on the wall. I really think I want the sheets on the wall rather than on some roll-about rack. I don't have a flat desk surface large enough to accommodate the size of these drawing sheets, & I don't want Miss Zoe shredding them (as she is wont to do, the furry little wenchlet -- just ask the exposed edges of my large sheets of mat board!!) If the sheets are wall hung, I'd have the wall as a hard backing surface, I wouldn't have to lug them around, and Zoe wouldn't be able to access them. I can store the sheets I'm NOT using in my big roller suitcase.