Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House of Joy

"House of Joy" -- This is my favorite store of any in Jerome and has been for several years now. It's filled with vintage frills and ephemera, risque girly costumes, cool antiques ... and I only had three frames left on my last roll of film!! Torture!!! House of Joy offers beaded handmade bags, paintings & posters & luggage labels & needlepoint from every imaginable era, glassware, bottles, fishnet pantyhose, pasties, eyelashes, gloves, boas, you name it! Our Jerome tradition includes a) beer for Bobby at one of the saloons, b) fudge for all of us (I can't show you a picture of that - it was HOOVERED in the truck on the way home!), c) the purchase of some trinket for me, from Bobby. This year included the purchase of each other's anniversary gift. The two photographs here are actually magnets, my 'trinket' gifts from Bobby. The original painting of the woman with the rose was also available, from 1893, but way out of our budget! The necklace is my anniversary gift from Bobby. Bobby immediately put on the ring and copper bracelet he got (his anniversary gifts) so I didn't get a photo of those.


Veronica said...

oh my gosh, I would love this store. Luggage tags????? were they vintage?????