Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vogue Magazine Feature

Well, I have tried calling Vogue's editorial department to find out the name of the woman designer whose incredible designs I have copied in this journal entry ... if I ever hear from them, I'll immediately edit this post. The feature article on her was in a 2007 issue, I just don't know which one because it was in a doctor's office where I waited for David after his accident. eesh. So -- I didn't originate these designs, I merely looked at them and tried to re-draw/enlarge them. They just absolutely knocked me out in the magazine! And they remind me so much of some of the fence material we have in the yard here at work -- why NOT make a dress out of fence fabric?


Veronica said...

oh my god I love love love did I say triple love love love love this...... I LOVE THIS

Toni said...

A lady from Vogue editorial called me back yesterday and got some further details -- she's going to try to track it down for me, possibly send me the issue. That was cool - I really didn't expect a call back at all.