Monday, September 24, 2007

Jerome, Arizona

Photo by Bob Bradshaw
Top (from back of card): Main Street of Jerome, Arizona, c. 1915 -- Burros & automobiles line the streets of Jerome, a thriving copper mining town. When the mines closed in 1953 Jerome virtually became a ghost town. Today, Jerome is a haven for artists and a popular tourist destination. Photo: A.N. Aveldon

Bottom (back of card): Prostitutes at the Cribs, c. 1910, photo courtesy of Jerome Historical Society. With women in the minority, "soiled doves" found plenty of hardworking miners in Jerome willing to pay for female companionship. These two young women pose in front of their workplace, the "cribs" on Hull Avenue. Although it was illegal, enforcement was inconsistent; prostitution remained an integral part of life in Jerome throughout the mining era.

These are postcards from Bobby's & my anniversary trip to Jerome and Prescott this weekend. I'm putting my film in today and hoping to have the time tomorrow to start putting the good shots up on my blog.


Veronica said...

Oh I love the postcards I got you some photos of older blues players and older vintage ladies coming your way. I simply love these