Monday, September 10, 2007

Motherly Advice


I read your latest Blog writings. I have a copy of that story you wrote about Grandma and the clothesline. It's in my safe deposit box.

I think you should stop basing your worth on what your boys and Bobby think of your artistic abilities. They love you, but in their own ways. Most people can't write, or be artistic like you can, and it actually scares them to have to cope with such emotional things. The boys and Bobby are not like you...stop expecting them to be. Just be yourself and be proud of what you are and the things that you can do. Besides, the boys are young...they don't even have the experience to judge emotion that you have. Let them be sports people...let them be who they are. And let you be who you are. I think if you would stop trying to make them be something they aren't, you would be happier, too.

Don't program people because then you will always be disappointed. I have had to learn that. You take the good things that happen in the day and you are thankful for don't dwell on the things you think "should have happened that didn't happen," or on the "things people didn't say that you think they should have said." Stop expecting so much and be surprised when you receive something you didn't expect. It's a good philosophy.

I liked your story again about cleaning with Grandma, etc. I'll print it and keep it in with the other one that I have saved. Those days on the farm are very precious times...I'm so glad we have those memories.

And, so, dearie, you are a redhead today, are you? Well, I'll be. I wish I had some of your courage to make changes and be different...I always just plug along as the same old person. But I guess some of us have to be "pluggers," too.

Try to cheer up. We all love you, but let us love you in our own ways. Take your family for what they are...all different personalities...all loving in different ways and showing it in different ways. If your boys didn't love you they wouldn't be so fiercely protective of you. Can't you see that in the way they always try to "keep you out of trouble," so to speak. They are males protecting their!!

Well, enough of my preaching. Try to have a good day.
Love ya muchly,