Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Have Cheetah, Will Travel

Here is what Chris wrote in his email to Mom and me:

"Me and Ciera on the runway at the old emergency airfield for Luke air force base from last Saturday. "Luke Auxilliary Field #6".

Notice she is carrying her new Build-A-Bear cheetah.

This airfield is long-overgrown and abandoned.

We have visited 7 of the 8 "Auxilliary Fields" for Luke AFB from WWII and they all look like this. There is one more we have to find (Luke Aux #8) but its location has been lost in time (though I think I have a rough idea where it is/was) (near the Buckeye landfill on Hwy 85).

These fields were used for emergency landing and also overflow during heavy training 1943-1945. They were abandoned after the war."