Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome to Ciera's World

My Lovely Mother, and Ciera. Ciera's muse, the Snowflake, with her second favorite food - CHEESE (which happens to be Ciera's main fare.) Ciera, playing on the patio!
Ciera, in her idea of desert-exploring attire! With stuffed frog! The store of Ciera's dreams.
Ciera wants these. The Glitz and Glam room -- this store also hosts birthday parties, wherein the young princesses are served tea and, later, are made up in the Glitz and Glam room. Dress the part! Princess attire. irridescent beaded silk purses. Even Aunt Toni loves these. These dolls are downright frightening! Chris won't allow Ciera to have them. My favorite picture, this shoot: taffeta dreams. Mod bags, baby! A mermaid for Aunt Toni! Ciera, in her element! Ciera makes her purchases!
My favorite in the shop -- brown and turqouise, with fleur de lis. $52 for a piece of fabric that might fit one of my biceps. Eesh! Blimey! Shite!!! I think it's a good thing I didn't have girls. Cool kicks, man! Mom and Ciera building and decorating a house for the angels. On the bottom right, the red tray, is the swimming pool. This angel was drying her wings, having spent the morning in the pool. Ciera and Snowflake, inseparable. Ciera and the 'Flake.


Carolina said...

What fun pics Toni. Love all your descriptions of them. I especially liked the one with your mom and Ciera building the house with the pool for the Angels, followed by the Angel drying her wings...just too funny! You take great pic and thanks so much for sharing!

Veronica said...

ohhhhh to only live in her she is so loved by all