Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tagged by Bridget & Jenn D.

I'm going to really learn the nuances of my middle name ... hmmmmm ... but since I've already 'tagged forward' twice before, I'm just going to do my letters. My middle name, if you missed it, is ANTONIA. I LOVE that name and all the crew guys here at work call me that.

A = articulate - I can express myself under any circumstances, and sometimes in more than one language (depending upon how irritated I am!)
N = nasty - I do upon the very rare occasion also have a trench mouth (I'm so ashamed). Have gotten really good at curbing that, but sometimes ... ?
T = Tower - my favorite landmark in the world is The Eiffel Tower. I call it 'MY tower'. And I mean it. I'm just loaning it to the rest of ya. Don't forget it.
O = Ocean - my internal landscape, my favorite environment, where I want to retire
N = Neutral. In personal/human politics, in agitated situations. I'm the middle-woman, the negotiator, the peacemaker.
I = Innovative. Not meaning so much in the artsy way, but in my approach to life. I've moved a lot in my life, since childhood; it created a need for versatility, flexibility, resilience. Then it just became a life approach - "let's see what there is to see", everywhere I go.
A = Ancestors. I cherish my history, my ancestors, their traditions and life stories. I'm always and also fascinated by those stories from anyone, anywhere, which is why I love Clarissa Pinkola Estes so much -- the story-telling!