Monday, February 11, 2008

Back Among the Standing

What a dismal weekend -- Kevin and I were under blankies on the couch, or else napping, or else downing tea with lemon and honey. He's got a cough, which skipped me. I finally said f'get it and got busy in my studio yesterday afternoon, just cuz I couldn't stand to SLEEP anymore!!! And here I am at work and almost perky (NOT!) This card is for my SBS 11 sistah, Jo, who must email her address to me ( And this one is for another of my SBS Sistahs, but I'm not telling who!! (grin)


Veronica said...

OHHHHHHHH I love them both great job

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Lovely cards! Well, who is the lucky sistah? :)

SBS 11

jo said...

Oooooh oooh ooh!!! That's stunning!!!
Will email you later after kids are sorted!LOL!

jo said...

Oops - meant to say "Thank you!"

Teresa K. said...

These are both quite beautiful. I'm glad you're feeling better.