Monday, February 4, 2008

Dear SBS 11 Sisters ...

I just sent this in an email to Veronica, but I gotta be honest and share with all of you, too.

"What have I done? I really don't belong in this SBS thing, V ... look at the cards these women are making! I don't have the smallest clue what they're even talking about when they give the 'recipes' ... these people are all demonstrators and stuff, akin to 'professionals'. They've got the lastest tools and gadgets and shite I'll never want or be able to afford.

I need to step back and make room for someone else who is honestly a stamper/scrapper, I think."

I'm not really a stamper at all, my dears. I'm a journaler who occasionally does a visual piece, whose main focus is also to keep a visual journal. I honestly don't want to take up space in a group that is clearly light years ahead of me and could benefit more greatly by membership from someone more a peer, and more into the stamping and scrapping genres.

But I STILL want everyone's addresses so when I do make a stamping effort, I have lovely friends to send them off to!


Vicki said...

Oooohhh Toni, where to I begin. I know we have only known each other a short time. This is all very new to me, I've only been making cards for a few months, learning each and every day.

Your collages are beautiful and very artistic, that should count regardless of whether they have been stamped or not.

Please don't leave the sisterhood, I've become very fond of you and your posts on your blog. I look forward to reading your articles and I don't think any of us feels you are taking up someones place. Afterall they can always open another group. Please think on before you do leave, sending you lots of love 'n' hugs xx vicki xx

Carolina said...

I echo Vicki's message. I think we need variety in the group and what I've seen of your artwork so far has giving me inspiration. Though most of my stuff on my blog is paper crafting, I'm actually a Potter, that is I have a BA in Art with emphasis in Pottery, so when I finally dust off my potter's wheel, I'll probably be sharing that too.

I don't think you're taking anyone's place by any means...hope you reconsider!


Bridget said...

I'm with you chica! I have no clue really neither. That's why I joined this blog thing to get a clue lol. Btw, you've been TAGGED! Go to my site to see the directions and info.

gillyflower said...

hi there
just wanted to say hello
i have just joined SBS11 after vicki suggested it to me
i am new to all this blogging etc
i do love stamping though but have been a bit distractedd recently after hubby bought me a cricut expression its brill
i am no expert though so don't leave the group us non experts need to stick together lol
anyway my name is gill i'm 45 and i live in UK have one son 20 who is able autistic and a wonderful hubby so have a very happy although stressful family life find crafting is so good to help me relax
feel free to visit my blog when ever you have time
enjoyed reading yours and will be back now and then to catch up with you
bye for now

jo said...

Noooooooo - you can't leave! I love the art you create, it's so inspiring and beautiful!