Thursday, February 14, 2008


Toast -- my new favorite catalog -- I like their photos better than Anthropologie. They just emailed me their spring catalog -- here are my choices! Rose dress. Yummmmmmmm. Tibetan red espadrilles. My favorite shoe style of any. "Peg" bag ... also from their last catalog. I can justify the price for the bag, because I can't sew, but not the shipping. Sigh. I love it though! On sale from their winter collection. I just love this little nighty! Blanket that looks more soft than actually warm.


Veronica said...

Oh I love toast. But you are right the price for shipping is CRAZY.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Love your picks... but what is a "peg" bag? lol! Love the shoes!

SBS 11

Czina said...

toast is great.

off course i am glad for your daily visits. i am not good in "comment lefting", so i maybe it looks like i don't comunicate...but you should know i am glad for every message from you.