Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toast Catalog: Poetry Journal

Yesterday, I posted this picture and presented this bound 'catalog' as my new poetry journal. I got a few questions about what that means -- will there be art? Is it a regular journal?
This is an example of what will become of these catalog pages. Because I find the photos within so evocative, so personal to my dreamscapes and daydreams, I'm just going to write out the poetry and/or prose lines that come to me as I contemplate each picture. Not every entry will be this long ... sometimes it's just a word, for now, but then later a paragraph ... as for adding art, I may do some of that to cover over parts of the catalog I don't respond to.


Beth said...

I didn't question how you would use it and what you would do.
I soooooooo understand !
It's a journal.
and it's GREAT !

Laurel said...

Wonderful idea. I soooo... love your photograpy!

Veronica said...

wow wow wow your writing simply amazes me. I really love reading what your write.

I made it here in one piece traffic is horrible this place is nuts!!!! in the hotel now !!!!

Beth said...

OMG...you caught me with a huge mistake...off to fix my "word" on my blog !!!!

Anonymous said...

crazy amazing, toni! i LOVE IT and need one in my life...

since you love mermaids, please look at my ophelia. i posted it at my other blog (long story, i stalk a friend far away but he enjoys it):