Saturday, February 23, 2008


Now that we have our group solidified, I'm going to re-issue a request I made earlier.

I'd like to assemble a list of everyone's emails, favorite colors, things we each love, collect, etc., and mailing addresses. I have heard from a couple of you, but I'm sending this out again and hoping for a response from everyone. You can email your info privately at


Veronica said...

you have my address, you have my favorite things what else you want???????? How about what size diamond ring I wear...hahahahaha now that I will take anyday. oh you did a word verifaction thingy was that to stop the spammers???? should I do it too?????

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Did you need to know my ring size too? :D I do love my diamonds!

Carolina said...

Wow, some amazing photos of the crash site!

I'm just now getting caught up on all SBS11 Sister blogs and noticed that you posted this request again. I'll make sure to put a blurb on mine as soon as I get a chance tomorrow!

Also thanks for listing the books your into right now...I've jotted down some of them and will be checking them out at some point this week!

Hope you have a great week!