Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Current 'Community' of Books - for Theresa K.

Theresa K. left such an insightful comment to me recently: "Don't you just hate it when a funk settles over your spirit? What have you been reading? What have you been doing to get your "happy" back? I'm intriqued by your idea of something "gestating." I like to reread my journals to track the thought processes that preceeded the big events and the births of special things that have happened in my life. I wonder what is gestating in your life right now. Isn't it interesting how often difficult times are followed by spurts of mental/spiritual awakenings?" I just love how many directions my mind traveled, after reading that. Just the suggestion to go re-read my journals -- something I rarely, if ever, do, except for use in creative writings ... what a phenomenally great idea for finding the path that brought me 'here'.

So, in answer to at least one of her questions, below are pictures of the covers of the five books I'm head-down into right now. Talk about synchronicity. I was invited to join an online group called An Affair with Art, and the current project I'm stepping into (by orders of their leader, Jeri, also one of my SBS 11 sistahs) is an altered book. This is a captivatingly lighthearted presentation of some serious creativity nuggets. What an amazing author! And this? This is the one book I can't live without, the one book I would take if I were to be stranded on a desert island, the book I intend at some point to do an entire series of art pieces about.

Note: I just ordered a used hardback copy of this off Amazon, and I'm going to use it for my altered book for An Affair With Art. Never mind 'at some point' -- NOW is the time to start arting my responses to this amazing story.


Beth said...

ohhh...I need that book of "secrets of 12 creative women" looks divine !!! A sprint to Barnes is needed !!

and I have fools I just need to find it. I think it's in my car. I did get half way through it, and then, hmmm.....well, like I said, I need to find it !

Veronica said...

hummmmm okay so today I went to the bookstore and bought a bunch of chick lit books. I still need to buy an old book but today he was out. So Monday I will have to try it again. This old book store I go to at least twice a week as I can read a book in two days during my lunch and an hour before bed. Eveleyn Woods speed reading 101 lol
any whoo....... I can't wait to see your book I am so excited.

Teresa K. said...

Thank you for sharing your book list with me/us. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Prodigal Summer. I prefer to listen than to read (when possible) and I listened to this book on tape a couple of years ago. She tells a beautiful story with prose that sound like poetry. I've wanted to actually read Carolyn Myss - I've bought her books for my mother (who is also psychically gifted) but I've only read portions of C. Myss while I stand in aisles at Barnes and Noble. Maybe it's time I actually get my own copy :)

Mercedes said...

That sounds interesting. I hope to hear from you about the book.I´m trying to do a little library about art work .

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