Monday, February 25, 2008

Illustration Friday: Multiple

Multiple: Multiple Family Home, in so many parts of the world.

Corrugated cardboard, muslin, brads, cut-up wooden matchboxes, acrylic paint, India ink, walnut ink, paint texturizer, twine, cut piece of wooden skewer as curtain rod, handpainted paper (rug, bed coverings beneath muslin 'blankets').


Tim Hunt said...


I like your idea. Simple and provocative, combining all sorts of found materials (which I am all for, btw). It also brings up the question, how much house do we need? I've seen an interesting home for the homeless that folds up and fits in your pocket. You attach it to a heating duct on the outside of a building and the air inflates it like a balloon and heats it.
I really like seeing "constructions" as illustrations. Thanks

Pierina said...

great idea Toni!
thanks for your comment, someone told me that they're sad too. Maybe was the bad day, was a sad sunday.
A big hug!!!

WorkingWords100 said...

Great! Love it.

Veronica said...

Tim has it right how much home to we really need? How much is need and how much is want? This piece makes one wonder. How insightfull

Peggy Fussell said...

Wonderful piece!! I love the way you constructed it out of found objects. It truly inspires much thought about space, stuff and what our needs really are. Too much or not enough? What are we each comfortable with?

temz4 said...

It's quite very deep concept!
I love the method with which has been realized, many compliments! :)