Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From The 'Hood - Growth Spurts & Interesting 'Other'

My Favorite Photo Today: This reminds me of Tuscany in September. Today's First Runner Up Photo: Sweet winter-lit bloom. Reaching past the gate, lovely thing. I said hello, of course. I know lots of straight-haired women who pay good money for curls like this! Probably apropos in the courtyards of Parisian and Prague-ian dwellings, but in suburban Phoenix? Pfft, a bit overmuch if you ask me. Not that anybody did. "Art' imitates life? Same yard as that light fixture, believe it or not. Wowza. Dead cactus stump. Notice the 'honeycomb' effect inside? That's how those stalwart, sturdy things stay alive in this desert, hording water within. The woodpeckers could tell you all about that! Close-up, downed cactus stump.
Thorn silhouettes. Cactus, thorns, wires. Cacti and palm silhouettes. Tar graffiti? Pretty cool. Barely-there vine, slatted fence. Love the visual texture here, of course. I'm always drawn to weathered doors, windows, gates, shutters. Third Favorite Photo Today: gorgeous young palm frond, rustic black & white peeling gate.