Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Dear SBS 11 Sisters ...

Ok, I don't want to just make art and post pictures. When I make a card, a canvas, anything a't'all, why! I want to send it off to someone, share the love! That would be because I always make art with a specific recipient in mind, so of course then I want that person to have it! Hence: I am hereby volunteering to collect everyone's email and mailing addresses, then create a comprehensive list to send back out to us all.

If that appeals to you, e-mail me your info at Include your favorite colors, patterns (i.e. harlequin, polka dots), things you love, favorites, whatever you think is important that will also help the rest of us create personalized awesome art just for YOU!


Carolina said...

okay, can I just say that this is such a wonderful idea - you're very sweet to take this on...I'm with you, I love to make stuff to send off and not just to post and share. I'll be sending you my info in a bit, thanks again for doing this!


Carla said...

I'm so glad I'm in your group!! You seem like a fun and fascinating girl! I look forward to getting to know you better!!

Sierra Grannie said...

Great idea Toni. I too love to share, but think so many "swaps" are too mechanical. This idea tailored to each other is super!

jo said...

Sounds great but I'm in the UK which may make it not so easy!

gillyflower said...

sounds like a brill idea thanks for thinking it up and taking it on
will it be a problem that like jo vicki and i are in the UK
if it's not a problem would love to join in