Monday, February 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

I've been tagged by Sue at Lily Pepper!! Here are the rules:

1 - Link back to the person who tagged me.
2 - Post these rules on my blog.
3 - Share 6 unimportant things about myself.
4 - Tag 3 random bloggers at the end of my blog entry.
5 - Let tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Here are 6 things you never needed to know about me...

1 - While the majority of 'myself' is, of course, flawless, I am capable of wafting some seriously stinky feet [if left unmonitored]!
2 - For a while "back in the day", I dated Tommy Hearns. I also slow danced once with Magic Johnson but I didn't know who he was at the time. [But that dance is what turned me into a rabid Lakers fan all during the late 70's and 80's, though!] And I also have John-Boy Walton's autograph - NEENER!
3 - My ears are pierced three times each, and I've got a belly button ring. I also have five tattoos and I'm not sure I'm done yet.
4 - I'm petrified of snakes, and of heights - especially heights over water.
5 - I think sweet potatoes are God's worst creative and/or culinary mistake.
6 - I believe utterly in: Herbie the Love Bug, Mermaids, and the power of visualization.

I am tagging:
1 - Patty at Magpie's Nest - her blog is new to me, her art is slobber-certified!
2 - Juana @ Juana's Tiny Spacio - also a new blog to me and I'm savoring it slowly! Juana is also a fellow Arizonan!
3 - Gillian at The Fading Rose -- a third new-to-me blog and lush lush LUSCIOUS!


gillyflower said...

personnaly toni i think we do need to some of that info
especially about the feet business

just wanted to say thanks for leaving message about the boys charity night really appreciate it they were great
didn't realise your mom had been down this road too
but had to laugh about the bra thing my mom would of appreciated that too
mom unfortunately can't have the surgery due to other health issues so it's the hormone treatment for us and fingers crossed
she's started the treatment and is having hot sweats so sounds like another round of the menapause lovely
just love your blog it's so interesting and amusing keep up the good work
bye for now

Jen Glover said...

You are so cute! I absolutely love your work on the title of your blog. I would agree that Herbie is well and alive, mermaids are beautiful creatures out there somewhere, and sweet potatoes are G-R-O-S-S! (how is that from the 80's)? I love your blog! Take care~

Andria aka prairie mom said...

Nice to know those things about you...and to dance with Magic Johnson? Lucky duck!

Veronica said...

REally magic
and you didn't know who he was? That is too cool

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

5 tattoos? Seriously? I have always wanted to get one. Maybe you can tell me about them sometime. I'm serious! Stinky feet, eh? yeah... didn't need to know about that. lol!

Carolina said...

Okay, so you've got me beat...I have two tattoos and seriously acking for one more...but not sure where to put it yet. I have on my back and one on my anckle...any suggestions?

~*~ Patty said...

Hello Toni ~ Thank you for that mouthful of a comment about my blog :) You have me 'thinking' hahaa! Kewl of you to tag me, me I'm not that kewl and have been trying to avoid the tag your it blog games. I like reading what people write but something makes me not want to go there....make sense???
I've been having a merry romp on your blog = WOWEE!!! and must return again to explore further. Thanks again for thinking me tag worthy, I'm flattered considering the source.
BTW, I LOVE mermaids AND sweet potatoes teehee ;) Dancing with Magic Johnson, now that's dreamy!!!!
all the best ~*~ Patty at Magpie's Nest

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