Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From The 'Hood - Urban Decay & Sundry Other Subject Matter

Downed bird. "Death that hath sucked the honey of thy breath hath had no power, yet, upon thy beauty." [Shakespeare] Downed cactus, as far as I'm concerned. Talk about a Christmas light crucifixion, geez! Downed leaves. This poor tree reminds me so much of Don King I had to keep it. Downed wall. Downed house. No sign of any work going on, either, for weeks and weeks now. Downed wading pool, cool octopus. My Lovely Mother just LOOOOVES octopus. [That's a lie. I can't lie to you. She won't go near them, even when presented as a gourmet delight in the heart of Tuscany. Octopus wimp, My Lovely Mother.] Downed rose bush, a little of that beautiful vintage pinkish-lavendar color still lingering. "Ashes of roses" - that's the color - they called Meggie's dress "Ashes of Roses' in that series, The Thornbirds. (the book was better) Downed oranges on gravel. You can tell the birds have been noshing here, too. Uh, so ... what do you suppose these folks are doing for fun in that backyard? I'm a little worried. Pods and grass shoots. I love pods. Have I mentioned that?