Saturday, February 2, 2008

... but I forgot the Exacto Blades!

As seems to consistently happen on Saturday mornings, instead of art-ing, I have spent mine chauffeuring male children thither & yon. One stop took me to the parking lot in front of Michaels, and I need Exacto blades to continue my stencil-cutting romp, along with a few 'parts' for my latest piece. I had already turned down a trip there with My Lovely Mother, because I'm not feeling 100%. But then my youngest male child just HAD to be delivered to a neighboring store. Sigh. Why don't I just take my driver's license OUT of my wallet and leave all possibilities for spending (debit cards, cash) at HOME?!!!! Many of you already know I have an addiction to small china birds. Now all of you know. I think this one flew in from Bali. Oh I am in love!
Ribbons galore, stencil paint & foamie stamp for my current piece-in-process. Paper coasters with lemons (delish!). The silk leaf was laying on the ground outside - I'm sure I can use it. These ribbons - just really reacting to this color palette! Look here and here. Primarily supplies for the piece I'm currently working on, me-for-me, from a dream, but also deeply and entirely inspired by this (scroll down to the piece called Style Rococo). The 'party' stamp -- I bought strictly for the small harlequin pattern. Look at those mosaic squares -- they're stickers! No grout, no dust, no mess! I have ordered this heart stamp from 2 different on-line stores, both of which came back to me with credits saying they were sold out and not planning to carry the item anymore. Michael's had it today, and I had a 40% off coupon from My Lovely Mother ... it was meant. As for the frog -- well, I LOVE frogs (real ones, not cartoon-style), and I hadn't seen this little fellow before. New acrylic stamp sets, 2 for 1! Wowza. I've picked this up, then put it back, FIVE TIMES. Today I said pffft, it's going home. I want to convert it to a gypsy wagon. Hi, V -- didn't think I forgot the foot wars, did ya? See how my Prague-esque slippers glint in the sun? Neener! My Lovely Mother is pretty much single-handedly responsible for keeping my feet stylishly shod. What a woman!

... did I mention I forgot the Exacto blades?


Veronica said...

Okay first off... Michaels had teh stamps for 50 cents too cool. second honey don't buy anymore punches just tell me what ones you want and I will send to you. I have over 300 punches and now that I have a diecut machine I never use them so I will send any punches to you. Next the battle is on let me see what I can do today with my feet and shoe shots.

Maylie said...

hoooo le petit oiseau est vraiment troo mignon !