Friday, February 29, 2008

A Surprise from Teresa E.

This enchanting little miss awaited me in the mail last night. She was delivering a message of welcome from Teresa E., with my newly-joined art group, An Affair with Art. As I told Teresa, I am adopting this wee lassie's idea of carrying a gold-glitter topped wand, albeit mine will be invisible! Isn't she wonderful?


Carla said...

This is gorgeous! And it's a policy of mine never to go anywhere without a wand, or a scepter at the very least.

Veronica said...

Isn't she beautiful. I got one too. I knew you wouldn't mind so I used your picture since my scanner isn't working very well.
love you

Vicki said...

Hi Toni. Ooohhh you do make me laugh. Sorry for the confusion. 'gobsmacked' means shocked, surprised etc. Hope you and yours are well. I really have got to make more of an effort with visiting everyone, before I know it the days just fly by. xx vicki xx