Monday, February 4, 2008

Update: Youngest Male Child's Hand

Below, for your viewing pleasure, is 'The Wad', as it came home from last week's surgery and as it went to the follow-up visit today.The Wad is gone, replaced by a stiff splint scenario and lots of gauze. None of which my youngest male child was in any kind of mood to have photographed. The Wad may be gone, but the pins remain. And poor Kevin, we almost lost him - he broke a big, bad, cold, clammy sweat, had to eat an orange & have cold wet towels applied while he sat with his head between his knees. A long time. [Nothing like watching one of your offspring in undue pain, let me tell ya.]

Anyway, Kevin is still not allowed to return to school unless ordained by Monsieur Le Docteur at the next follow-up visit, which is 2/13. Frankly, I'm relieved. Now that there is so much less protection on his finger, I'm thinking yea, one accidental jostle on that finger, Kevin faints on the spot, lands on the hand, and we're back to square one. Not! Let him stay home & watch DVDs & drink massive quantities of gatorade & call me 20,000 times with urgent requests for food & liquid refreshment refills & DVD replacements. Algebra, pffft, it comes and goes, but NOT one's pinkie, right? Waiting room table art at Monsieur Le Docteur's office.


Veronica said...

oh bless his heart. What is the last picture of?