Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VERONICA: NOTE Tim Holtz Crackle Paint

I uploaded this 'large', hoping the crackling effect would be obvious. I love this stuff, because it actually CRACKLES!!! Paint it on, let it dry (I hate letting things dry, but this! This is the exception!), eh voila! CRACKLE!! No base coat required. Veronica, click on the picture and feast your eyes on CRACKLE!!!


Veronica said...

That is too cool. I love love triple dipple love it. Looks amazing. I love the artwork too

Toni said...

Hi, V --
Yes, this is my new absolute favorite supply. I've tried every other crackling technique with NO success, and even if the problem is how I'm doing it, with this stuff all you do it paint it on and let it dry. No undercoat required, no special glazes (altho' Tim recommends sealing it) ... so I'm slowly building my collection of colors.