Friday, November 30, 2007


My Mom's ex-boss, Kate, used the term 'Shero' to refer to women who mentored her, or whom she admired. I loved it and adopted it, even made her a Shero doll for her kitchen. Veronica's Shero is Paula Deen. Someone I really respond to is Sarah Ban Breathnach, who wrote "Simple Abundance", "Something More", and "Romancing the Ordinary", among other things. I have all those on audio CD, and often (very VERY often) I listen as I'm arting. She does her own reading, and she's got one of those SO easy, SO friendly, SO "I'm sitting with ya at your kitchen table" voices, like she's someone I've known since I was in diapers and crashing Tonka Toys in the dirt with my older brother. Everything she writes/reads about just feels like a celebration of every nuance of being a woman, and is such encouragement to draw a slow deep breath, slow down, look around, be IN THE MOMENT. I gravitate toward several books that encourage simplifying and simplicity (without preaching), but none enfold me like Sarah's. (See, I even feel like I can call her Sarah, this author I've never met.) I highly recommend her, in written AND audio form!