Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gilberto Gabriel Perez Bernal

one of my favorite crew guys here is Jorge (his daughter is having the 15th birthday bash) .... his brother Chago also works here, who is a friend but moodier and kind of a dark soul ... his brother Gilberto used to work here (the first 2 years I was here) and a laughing, upbeat, heartwarming fella, one of those jokester/prankster kinda guys who had a nickname for everyone. Chago and Gilberto also teamed up to keep the Brown family palm trees neatly shorn. Each of these brothers has one son and one daughter, then Gilberto went and had another little boy, Leonardo, 2½ years ago.

got news this a.m. that Gilberto died last night, had a heart attack in the shower.

can't quite take it in.

His kids are all under 7 years old.

He himself was 35 years old.

They had another brother, late 40's, who did the same thing 2 years ago. Jorge and Chago are both on medication for high blood pressure.

They've got tons of family en route for the Quinceanero, but now they're thinking it's going to turn into a funeral, except Gilberto wanted to be buried in Mexico.

god dammit. I freaking really liked that guy.


twinsand2boys said...

oh, thats not good...35 is really young! ((HUGZ))