Monday, November 12, 2007

Alert to Mixed Media Artists!!

Hee hee ... I worked on Miss V's canvas last night, and my material was balsa wood. Now I ain't gonna say for what or where, but I AM here to tell you what I didn't know before I started: balsa wood WARPS! Fast! And all I did was put wood glue on the back. Granted, I've got the 2nd-to-thinnest thickness of balsa, but I didn't expect it to curl as if I were giving it a perm. So be warned if ya wanna use balsa in a project!!! Eesh ... right now the canvas is sitting flat on my tabletop with a huge sheet of wax paper over it, and a full box of 11x17 scrap paper plunked on top so that stuff will lay down nicely and dry FLAT! I say it again: EESH - [a very handy & multi-functional word coined by my bro', Cam, which I have made my own. If anyone ever sees a rubber stamp that says EESH, buy it for me and I'll pay ya back!].

[Note: This could also be why suggestions are repeatedly made to experiment on a separate surface when using new-to-you materials, not on your original piece! I surely don't want to do that whole canvas over.]


Veronica said...

ohhhhhh now you have my curiousity peaked..hummm balsa wood??????
woo hoo