Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Auditioning Blogs

I'm very VERY slow at work today. Slow. Dead. Nothing to do. Since 7:45 a.m. I can't dust because I already did that. I already caught up the filing. I inventoried office supplies and placed an order. I'm good. Which means I'm slow. So ... I've been auditioning blogs. I have 7 that I stick to like glue, but I get a taste for something new, always a good idea for inspiration. And here's how I audition blogs: I check the months of July (my birth month) and September (my favorite month). If the entries from those two months catch my eye (via photos, via writing) then the blog is IN ... not to my PERMANENT blog viewing list, but to my FOLLOW-IT-FOR-A-WHILE list.

These are the blogs that have made it so far today: [ok, this one made it without either a September OR a July entry, because it's IN PARIS, and it's IN FRENCH!] [I keep running into this one, and 3 people have forwarded it to me as 'right up your alley' ... ] [another IN FRENCH]