Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Men Who Keep Journals

I know they're out there, those journal-writing fellas, but boy are they hard to find. I have Dan Eldon's journals and have perused a whopping 2 other books of journals - i.e. Jean-Paul Sartre. His were more than a little too lofty for me, sorta seemed intellectually pretentious after a point, and more to MY point, I had already read all of Simone de Beauvoir's journals so I knew what a double-standard they effected in their 'writing' relationship (she was his muse, HA! more like his typist, his go-doer, his 'make my excuses' machine, his editor and draft-reader, while he managed to avoid ever really involving himself with her writing at all). I also read a volume of Jung's journals, fascinating stuff, and eventually am going to order a memoire written by Pablo Nerudo (which isn't quite the same as a journal).

But I digress.

Miss V's sweetheart of a buff-armed hubby, Big Daddy, is working on something which he wants to photograph and submit to Stampington. I said, 'Hell yea, please!!' There is just so little representation in my current magazine/literature world of the masculine perspective in the altered art world, and I want more more more!!! But especially journals (visual journals). I wish my sons kept a journal, or my brothers, or some damn body whom I knew really well, so I could watch & discuss his 'process' even if I didn't 'read' the journal. Men just do not create like women, they don't select the same imagery, they don't respond to the same words or techniques in the same way, they don't USE techniques or combine them in the same way.

I just really want to watch some guy(s) at work on creating a journal entry. Or an altered canvas.

Miss V? Are you filming Big Daddy as he works on this project?