Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sneek Peek for Veronica

Veronica asked me to do a canvas for her, how I feel about her. I started this immediately after I finished David's canvas -- I wanted something light, and lighthearted, and full of love!! This is the pencil sketch I did, the first one, and BOOM!!! It came out like perfection. This entire canvas is 100% composed in my head, from the way I've already done her wings and the background, to how I'll create her dress, embellishments, all of it.


Veronica said...

HOly oh shooot I don't know what to say and I can't see the computer and I can't see my keyboard and I can't swallow for all the tears in my eyes and throat.
Toni for the love of god you have got to do something with this talent. Take tons of pictures I have an idea........ we need all the pictures you can get of your altered canvases....... I can't stop crying and Rick isn't here for me to scream LOOK AT THIS.... what am I going to do????? I love you

Veronica said...

I just keep looking at this and I am just totally gratful for you. This means more to me than anything ever. I truly love love love this. I want to scream from the rooftops. LOOK here.... look at this..... please please please don't forget to sign it on the front.... I want to see your name on it every single time I look at it. I am going to hang it right above my computer desk. That way Rick and I can look at it every single minute. I love love love you

twinsand2boys said...

Your canvases are awesome...and V is shouting for the rooftops...has a link for us all to come see...heehee. Thanks for visiting my blog today too!