Thursday, November 8, 2007


Our home computer has bitten the dust, insofar as we can't get on-line EVER, and I can only print from Word or my pictures file when the 'puter is in the mood (I got 6 whole prints last night before it waved its airy hand and said, 'Bah! Enough!') My ten-minute art is about how much I feel AMPUTATED from Veronica.


Veronica said...

Oh this has me with tears in my eyes. I never knew how much I depend on you either until I am unable to talk to you. Just last night I looked over at my Darling Husband Rick and said I miss Toni. I miss our Sunday morning emails over coffee.... I miss not hearing from her daily. I miss not knowing what she is doing. I miss not being able to tell her everything I have done today.
I miss her so much that I am thinking of doing something drastic just to talk to her again everyday.
God I miss you so much.........and it just warms my heart to no end to know you feel the same way.
I love you sweetie and always will