Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google Alert

Ok, Miss V explained it to me. Even sent me the sign-up page. hee hee. I think I need way more blog miles under my belt before such a thing might be useful! I totally get Claudine Hellmuth doing that, she's got licensing out everywhere, she's published, people are probably VERY wont to bandit her stuff. BAD BAD BANDITS!!!! But oh my, I read my ENTIRE blog and the only time I mentioned Claudine was in my Blog Sorority entry -- so rats! Does that mean she really only found my blog cuz she got alerted I'd used her name? ---- stop it, Toni! doesn't matter, the Universe uses whatever means it can, finesses the finest of points, do NOT allow your bubble to be burst!!! (I'm smiling, here, not to worry!)


Veronica said...

way to funny you are. I am still just praying that paula finds mine. lol

She is the mother I always wanted. I just love that woman....
she is my one and only star crush she is wonderful

claudine hellmuth said...

the universe works in mysterious ways! maybe the universe likes google alerts. they are very handy!!!

big smiles!!!