Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blog Sorority

As I mentioned earlier, I was SLOW at work today (at least until about 2) ... so I got on blog after blog, threading my way through lists of each blogger's favorite OTHER blogs, one to the next, adding them to my temporary list for later Blog Auditioning.

Here's what I've been noticing for the 3 months I've been a blogger. Everyone lists everyone else on their favorites ... by that I mean 'Everyone'[Capital E - power bloggers, such as Misty Mawn, Nina Bagley, Claudine Hellmuth, Angela Cartwright] ... it feels to me like a new rendition of an impenetrable sorority. Impenetrable unless I somehow become a teacher (or oft-repeat attendee) at these larger art convention/programs. Impenetrable for fledgling bloggers such as moi who are following the advice of the Effervescent Suziblu [] and creating mandelas about the connections I want to make via my blog.

The other thing I've noticed is how SHORT a period of time most of the folks have had blogs. Seems like 2 years is a HIGH amount of time. So I do have hope -- I mean, it's only been three months, maybe it's kind of like Campfire Girls and I have to earn some blog badges before I start receiving comments from people I don't know.

I don't care about comments so much as CONTACT. Conversation. Dialogue. Exchange. Interaction. All the blogs I love talk unceasingly about the support, encouragement, friendships, community (artistic and personal) they've found because of their blogs. That's what my mandelas are 100% focused on. Envisioning tentacles reaching out their little electronic hands and tickling the others who are meant to find me (and vice versa). While also (at Suzi's suggestion) documenting what I already have in place, along those lines, to be thankful for.

Artists sometimes tend to be alone (not to be construed as lonely) for long long periods of time, while they're 'arting' (& scooting their kittens off their laptop keyboards 29 times per blog entry) ... then suddenly BAM! It IS loneliness, a need to 'talk about it', when everything gets clogged, when everything seems painted in greys and overlaid with fog, when ideas go on sabbatical, when cleaning the studio just can't be avoided via ARTING any longer. I honestly don't have the time or personal make-up to chase down an artists' group, to attend weekly or monthly sessions thither & yon [-- although I'm making mandelas about that, too, to open my heart to that]. But I DO have time for email and blogging and reading, which is why my first priority with the mandelas is for the Internet-community.

C'mon, Women!!!! FIND ME!!!! FIND ME!!!

(& a shout-out to SuziBlu for great journaling videos!!!)


claudine hellmuth said...

I found you. I added you to my blogs links with the name Undertones here:
my links page

happy blogging!

Veronica said...

Oh my god you have arrived. You havc made it...anyone who shows up on claudine's blog has made it!!!!!!! How on earth did she find you?????

claudine hellmuth said...

google alerts!

Veronica said...

oh that is so cool!!!!

gotta love that google.

now if paula deen would only find

twinsand2boys said...

Hey Toni! I think the only way I receive comments is by leaving comments on others :D Ill try to comment more often here.