Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Insomnia creates New Obsession

Some nights, I tell ya. For me, it's been every night this week, though, and I know it's because my brain has been cooking up a creative feast. I've been watching beautiful pieces of/for 2 projects drop from my fingertips like pearls, but then I can't shut my brain down when I lay down. I have so many ideas that I have to get up, tiptoe to the bathroom, or
back in the studio with Zoe (in my lap), scribbling them all down furiously. Now all it takes is for me to see a picture of the kind of bed that most appeals to me [something plain, with white linens, and lots of light in the room] and I'm yawning, my eyes are ACHING for it!! [these are all images I got when I googled 'beautiful bed']


Veronica said...

okay so imagine those beds in a cabin on the lake..... oh my gosh I can't wait.

I love a comfy bed with a really thick feather bed underneath and a cozy comfortor on top.