Monday, November 26, 2007

Long Weekend

Between a perfect Thursday up at my Dad's, with all my brothers, then Saturday and Sunday over at Cam and Chris' with Mom, I just leaned into RELAXING!!! I did get a few journal pages prepped, while singing aloud to the Classic Rock Z-A countdown ...
I'm trying to be more conscious of leaving myself plenty of open space for journaling.This one (below) is an attempt at a technique in a book I'm reading called 'Mixed Emulsions', which has a jillion ideas for how to alter photographs. Problem is, no room for writing, as well as the fact that even if I'd left room, I used a thick treatment of acrylic and NO pen I own will penetrate that. But I love it anyway! And these two are just me playing with the labels from my new menopause cream that I'm trying. I can't stand that I'm trying menopause cream. I can't stand that I'm old enough to need to try menopause cream. Hence I have to make tongue-in-cheek journal pages about it. Whatever. (smile) & David gave me a muscle magazine he'd bought & was done with, something VERY outside my normal "rip 'n' tear" kind of publication, so I thought I'd have fun with it.