Friday, November 23, 2007

A Family Gathering

Walking off the bird! Voila, yours truly, getting my canine fix with the ever-available-for-luv Tash. Natasha, "Tash", in her favorite spot on Dad's lap. Toni reading one of Dad's awesome photography books. Yes, it's true, the Bobfather is in love. Let me please introduce the lovely Miss Luz, Bobfather's lady, mother to the impish Florencia (Ciera's new BFF, see below)! Waiting for the bird to cook. New BFF's!!! Uncle Bobby Baird is the Tickle Monster. Smack him on his boom-boom to 'turn him on' -- but whoaaaaa, nelly ... then you have to be able to catch him to smack his bottom again to turn him off!! Taking cover from the Tickle Monster!


Veronica said...

woo hoo you figured out the camera...yeah baby yeah....

I am loving all the family pics. Where is bobby???

what a darling family you have and luz is a doll