Saturday, November 10, 2007

Choice Effects Outcome (Completed David Canvas)

This is the curtain, with transfers onto muslin of the pictures of David's car after the accident. I used metal alphabet brads to spell out CHOICE EFFECTS OUTCOME. [The name of the piece is "David Brown, C.E.O."] It's hung on small silver hooks over the toilet level, and the hooks stay on because I stuck a rubber basketball on a keyring at the end. Inside the black pouch on the top left are all the pieces of glass, car paint, headlights, a cutting from David's covered-in-blood shirt, the paper we got at Surgical ICU with the visiting hours, that sort of thing.

When the curtain flips over the top, to the back, you have the canvas itself.They only let us visit in 30-minute increments, four times a day. The first two times we went, David was drugged out, sleeping. "What happened, Mom?" are the first words David said to me, the third time we went down to see him.

David said, 'This is awesome, Mom, oh my god!'


Veronica said...

You never cease to amaze me with the titles of your canvases. This one hits the nail on the head.... choice effects outcome. This is a piece from the heart and was a difficult piece for you to do. What can set you apart from the others is the ability to place beautiful art in light of the adversity. I can see that of what you were doing and from a mom's eye I see the pain. yet again another amazing piece of art and the choice of title is to me what makes this piece unique.... choice effects outcome and if you don't mind this is now my mantra for work .... I am a CEO and my choice effects my outcome...... it should be yours too when we go forward in your art...TONI BROW CEO (choice effects outcome) and baby you are really going to effect your outcome. love you to the moon baby