Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RAK, Doodles, & Doodle-Inspired Art Piece

This is an Easter RAK I received from Jeri, who leads the An Affair With Art online group. Lovely, but fun, too! I am on a mission to lighten up my art, to step back occasionally from the literal kind of things I make. Saturday morning, I decided to take some sheets of bond paper and just -- scribble. Then I turned each sheet this way and that, to 'see what I could see' by way of shape & form -- whimsical, ethereal, suggested, fanciful. Lovely birds! That's all I was able to see in this sheet! Another of the 4 doodled base pages I did on Saturday morning. Voila! Some of the 'pieces' and/or 'forms' I saw in this doodled page. More doodle ideas. Notice, especially, the one in the bottom left-hand corner. This is Genevieve, who came to life in about 11 minutes -- but because she is such a lady, she still manages to look composed & elegant. I just had to see what I could make with one of the doodled shapes, & Genevieve arrived!


rivergardenstudio said...

This book is amazing! All the details and surprises. I want to make one! Actually i am working toward this...I can't seem to find a photo album with your art, but I will keep looking, Roxanne