Thursday, March 6, 2008

Twice in One Day! Thanks Gill!

So this must be what it feels like to unexpectedly win an Oscar or a Grammy ... speechlessness and delight! This award is from Gill, my U2 besotted SBS 11 sister. Oh, but so many many wonderful blogs! The hard part is only picking FIVE to award!

This time, they are:
1. Cathy Cullis - a new blog for me but what amazing originality in terms of types of projects (i.e. today's long poem necklace).
2. Jeri - whose art is like a taser to my lethargy and bait to my muse; I'm trying to get her to make room for me in her broom closet so I can come out and watch her make art!
3. Mercedes - for such delicate, feminine dreams captured in her art, her journal pages, her thoughts.
4. Georgina - for amazing range, for paintings that are the source of all my poetry lately, and for sweet sweet emails!
5. Carolina - for unstoppable ideas, willingness to explain 'how to', fun fun comments, and a name I just adore!


Carolina said...

Thanks so much hon! Your comments are so sweet and you nominating me just made my day!!!

Mercedes said...

Again you surprise me!! I like what you wrote about me. I hope to share this award in my blog after hard work at my school, End of the term is killing me with allll those test in my schedule!!