Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ohhhhh, Anthropologie

Just got an Anthropologie email, with this dress on the cover. Inside description: Gibraltar's Gleam Dress: Like sunlight bouncing off rolling waves, a strait of polished trim dazzles below ocean-blue cotton and reflects the silvery stitching found along the draped sweetheart bodice.

This dress ... oh, this dress!

--------- I REALLY MUST LEARN TO SEW!!!!!!!!!! The catalog price is $178. Ridiculous!!! Just plain ridiculous ... I don't sew but I can recognize overpriced when I see it. The bodice appears somewhat complex, but the bottom is one seam between the two fabrics, gathered waist. C'mon. I could do this, with help.

Any volunteers?


Carla said...

I love anthropologie-it might be the most beautiful catalog I get. I can't afford it, though! They have shirts that cost as much as that dress. And yes, you can make that dress. I used to sew all the time. It's not that hard. You just have to decide if you want to get involved in another hobby, because just like papercrafting, there are all kids of tools and supplies that go along with it!

Carolina said...

I love this dress!!! I totally hear you about this store, we have one here locally and LOVE going in there, but have yet to buy something - ouch, the prices really hurt.

By the way, thanks for the compliments on the faux cloisonne are so sweet! And I can't wait to see your version of it!