Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ATCs, and Canvas Progress

Two more completed ATCs, going off in today's mail to recipients who shall remain unnamed! Here, I need to put my figure in now, because I want to build up the layering around her. Because presently I'm an Anonyrrie 'disciple', after I put the gold wash on this, I 'salted' it, to create texture. Looks very cool - I already brushed all the salt off. Am just patiently working my way through some layers on this, to see what happens as they build up. (I use the term 'patiently' very, very loosely.)


Mercedes said...

it looks like you stamped an orange!! great idea using salt I have read about it but nothing done .

Carolina said...

Oh loving the canvas!!! I used to fire some of clay sculptures with salt and got the most amazing results. The ATCs are amazing!

Thanks for the compliments on my Boho card...I love making my own background papers, I think it's my need to control everything - LOL!

BTW - did you send me a list of addresses for SBS sisters? I swear I saw an email from you about this but for some reason it's gone from my inbox. Do you mind sending it again when you have a second? Thanks in advance hon!

Veronica said...

Salt????? and I tought it was only used for fries. This is great. Amazing.

Carla said...

These are very cool, Toni! I love seeing the process. Now, what became of the gold layer? I'm afraid I would have a hard time covering that up.

Carolina's post reminds me, did you get an address list for SBS11? I just have you and Veronica.