Monday, March 17, 2008

Cards from Class, & More ATC's

These two are my favorites, and the closest to what I consider my personal 'style', just in colors and layouts. Same card, different message. I like the punch that looks like a rolodex edge, but the application I prefer is when you create the look of a film strip edge. Again, the same card layout, different message. I like the way the small flower punch kind of bent the shape, giving it some immediate dimension. Sweet, huh? Elephants are one of the few creatures I can always enjoy in 'cute' form. The ATC 'delirious', with the piece of underwear band & the PUGS tag? Double BB took one look, guffawed, & claimed it. Black socks, it was the black socks. I HATE when men wear dress black socks and shorts. Why do men do that? Instant libido killer. So of course in the name of marital harrassment & teasing, Double BB will very often peep around a corner to be sure I'm in the room, then strut out wearing some hideous combination of plaid golfing shorts, dress shoes, and the dreaded black socks! Eesh, blimey, & triple shite!!


Jamie Martin said...

Wow, you've been busy! Great cards, they are all very nice :)