Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Secret Loves - Coming Out of the Closet

This entry is solely inspired by the oh-so-sweetly fierce Beth. These are things I heretofore hadn't run around bragging that I love, but now I'm shouting them to the world!

I love:
The Carpenters, the Partridge Family, & even hollerin' Michael Bolton
blowing bubbles
farting INTO the campfire (& admiring my own gaseous plumes)
Herbie the Love Bug
Top Chef & Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations"
The Waltons, reruns, movies, anything
Having somebody else brush my hair
Big Stick Crayons & Cinderella coloring books
Barbie movies (thanks to Ciera)
Hugging my friends & loved ones, even if they're shy about it
Writing letters (handwritten, NOT EMAIL)
Making snow angels (which I have to do in the sand, out here in the desert)
Climbing into fountains & splashing
Wearing high heels, even tho' I'm already 5'-10" tall
Dresses/skirts better than jeans
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy storybooks
Hearts - especially necklaces & earrings
Going to places like Nordstrom's to try on formalwear, making the snooty saleswomen cow-tow even when I have no intention of buying anything!
Mumbling French epithets under my breath when somebody pisses me off
Drinking milk out of the carton
Checking out the titles on other people's bookshelves
Riding in the back of pick-up trucks
Sleeping outdoors
More whipped cream than anything else in my hot cocoa or latte drinks!
Eating whipped cream out of the can, actually!
Eating frosting out of the can, too, come to think of it!
Food fights (picture the scene out of Fried Green Tomatoes)
Kissing Scenes in movies
Benecio del Toro, the only other man on the planet aside from Double BB that I could NOT say no to
Being photographed, even though I always HATE pictures of myself
Dancing in my studio, me with me
Listening to music on the way to work and pretending it's me, in concert, playing that mind-blowing guitar solo or singing my lungs out!
Rubbing my palm across the sheen or texture of wood & stone

Ok, maybe that's enough for now. Beth, I'm waiting to see what YOUR list looks like (ha!!)


Beth said...

ohhhh.....that was soooo good !!!

didn't it feel good putting all that out there for the world to see ???

well now you're catching up to me as I've done two "lists" so far and I'm thinking really hard for the title of my next one.

I ran across another blog that had "8 things about me and 1 little lie" for a post and the idea was to try to figure out which one was the lie.....

it was really cute and a great I'm working on something....I promise !!!

bad thing is that right now I'm sooo into a book and I can't put it down or think about much of anything else to seriously.

sooo thanks for playing the list game....and I bet this one won't be your last one !!!

Veronica said...

okay first off the farting into the campfire one now you owe me a new laptop cause mine has diet mt.dew all over the screen. hahahaha

Aprons love them
Top Chef and Anthony love em
The waltons I still watch today on reruns.
Having someone else brush my hair....oh gosh if only I could find someone to do it. I get so relaxed and almost fall asleep oh what the heck I do fall asleep
I would hug a total stranger if they would let me I also love to hold hands or lock arms with my friends... I have No oh they think we're gay phobia at all. I love my friends and love to walk arm and arm with my girlfriends..oh wait that is only you that I
Aprons oh what I would give for a big ole frilly apron.
Dancing oh yeah....I will dance like no one is watching in my kitchen
Singing?????? I give my best concerts in the car or shower and will even turn my blog on just to sing along to my favorite songs. I have all of Minnie's songs down Pat and will sing them at the top of my lungs.
We are so alike well except for the farting in the campfire thing. hahahahhahahahahahahaha

love you so much sister

Mercedes said...

OH, thanks for sharing all those things. Now, I know you better.Sometimes it´s difficult to reflexion on it and you did it!!

carla said...

This is such an unabashed list that portrays you as someone who really does live her life very much out loud and joyfully! I had fun reading it!

jo said...

I'm with Veronica here - yogurt all over the keyboard!! I now have visions of you as an extra in "that" scene in Blazing Saddles by the campfire!

Carla said...

I loved that list! I really just wanted to check back and see if you were feeling better:(