Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Personal Us

After a day consumed with tasks that have us
passing in the hall, kissing fast
by the kitchen sink, then
moving along,
night begins to creep across the daylight sky. Soon enough,
you come through me, shaped like
new limbs shooting upward, wires
suddenly taut, alert to your presence,
the simple activities of day disappearing
in the beckon of your night skin,
your laugh that makes my heart arch,
the shift from passing each other by to
lingering, now, fingertips staying
connected all the way around corners of walls. Soon enough,
the task-marked gates that
confined & defined today's hours
sway open, shift away, disappear,
leaving me the unopposed view of
you, inside me.
Deep deep deep I linger,
here where you find me,
steep me in tenderness & indigo longings,
remembered moments birthing promises anew. By day,
you are the balance of
presence beside me, history & present,
joined forces, unity of effort.
By night, though,
all my inward glances turn sideways to you,
my vision altered through lenses of
the personal US. How you are,
how you look, how you summon me,
how all day long I miss your hands
on my face, our eyes that can't leave
a gaze. The richness of US!
So many years, yet still these
new shoots, ribbons
blooming ME ME ME loving
YOU YOU YOU, reaching,
reaching, reaching! & then,
from side-by-side
to the one we become.
You have taught me,
& brought me,
surrender, joining, a love that
can be this erasure of
anything but sensing you,
waiting for you, seeking you,
& knowing you are there. It is our time.
Come, now.


Carolina said...

All I can say is wow Toni...I have chills. What an amazing poem and photos to go with it. I was totally engrossed in every word...thanks so much for ending my weekend with this!