Sunday, March 16, 2008

Given to an Uncertain Sky

A day given
to a sky uncertain of sun or storm,
and so parading its moods of clouds
driven by breezes stippled with cold. I clean the bathroom.
I put groceries away.
I make a fresh pot of coffee. I choose a pen color,
knowing I won't capture
how the sky & my soul hold hands
on a day like this,
cavorting with atmospheres
internal & external, unable to stay in one place,
or hold one expression.
I surrendered a long time ago
[early morning]
to a dance with new tempos introduced
every other moment.
Let's play.


Veronica said...

Oh I love that sky. I am not a sunshine girl never have been. My favorite day it is cloudy a light breeze in the high 60's so that I can wear a sweater, cuddle with a chenile yellow blanket and eat cinnamon rolls with ooeeyy gooey cream cheese frosting.
by the way I am getting ready to fry up some walleye fish from canada that we brought home last year. yum yum

Beth said...

oh yes....let's play !!!