Sunday, March 9, 2008

My New Feathered Friend

This sweet woman found me in Joann's on Saturday morning. Her name is Felicity, and as she tells it, she was among several feathered friends in a peaceful English garden, when suddenly the human decided to do away with statuary in favor of those stoooooopid round balls seemingly turning up everywhere these days. And so Felicity packed her valise and followed the currents across the ocean and into my admiring hands. She's so elegant, isn't she? Such a graceful neckline. Watching her new world. I can see that I will have to 'splain to Miss Felicity the rules: No one, but NO ONE, reads my new magazines before I do. And yes, more for the foot wars! Neener Neener, Miss V -- I'm in FLIP FLOPS!!!


twinsand2boys said...

is it warm enough for flip flops where you are? I so wish for warmer weather here! The snow is finally melting, but not gone yet.

Beth said...

oh are in flip flops and I'm still in my Uggs's.....not fair !!! I want to wear flip flops, too !!!! {can you hear me whining ??}

Veronica said...

I am still in uggs too...but not for to long as .... it will be 70 here tomorrow then come on the ugg sandals... woo hoo....cute toes but where is the red toe polish?????