Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chinese Cultural Center - Red Wood

Kevin had physical therapy today, down by the Chinese Cultural Center, & although I left work at one to go home to sleep, as it turned out, alternative drivers to get him there and pick him up didn't work out. I had to go. I had to stay awake (it's too hot, already, to snooze in my truck while he's upstairs), but I couldn't tolerate the idea of trying to hold my head up for an hour in the doctor's lobby. So I took my MuthaCam along with me, and prayed the gardens would be unlocked this time. THEY WERE!!! Tri-corner red lacquer lacy wood. My favorite photo, this group. What an image/angle, as if the tree is riding in a boat across the sky, & dipping some of its limbs in the sky-water! Red lacquer, red lantern. Red lacquered eave [is that a dance?] Corner carving: detail Banana palm leaves and pagoda.
Wooden lace. Octopi-like roofline. Silhouetted pagoda wings.


Laurel said...

Toni your photograpy talents continue to amaze me. Perspective is one thing I struggle with but it totally makes the picture! You inspire me, thank you for sharing. I hope you figure out your blog thing, I don't want to miss out on any pics.