Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Somebody Please 'splain ...

... what the H-E-double toothpicks is going on with women's tennis? I tried to watch some last night & couldn't think for the massive, continuous, decibel-cranked GRUNTS. I used to love to watch tennis, & just chanced across this match on an obscure cable channel. Not only do I love the game, the finesse, the serves and swings and lobs, but also the sound of the players' shoes on the clay or surface, the satisfying whack of the ball against the rackets, the referree gently shushing the crowd if their volume escalated above a whisper.

I don't get it -- for umpteen decades, tennis players have managed to play serious, hard-core, kick-butt tennis without punctuating every hit with an eardrum-shattering shriek. What ARE these women thinking? Is this a new audio trend in athletics, these ridiculous grunts, screams, cries, EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY HIT A TENNIS BALL? Why isn't the ref shushing these players? Do they need their estrogen levels adjusted? Honestly, they're out-grunting the male players of ANY sport. Gimme a break, zip it and let's just play some tennis, here.