Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scanner at Work

There has been a scanner sitting to my right, here at work, for two years ... coated with dust, never been used, never seen anyone here use it. I thought it was broken, and (like all things here) no one had gotten the urge to unplug it and tote it to the trash.

This morning, I looked at the scanner. The scanner looked back at me. The scanner winked, said, 'Hey, Baby!' I blinked. I got out my journal, found a page, and stuck it under the lid (this is a flatbed scanner). I plunked down in the chair in front of my neighboring computer (which sits lonely 6 hours out of 8) and waddya know, there was a scanner port shortcut icon on the desktop. Click. 'warming up lamp' ... when that was done, I clicked on 'scan' ...

well, I'm attaching the results of the 3 attempts I made, my journal in various stages of either advance page prep or one actual entry. COOL!!! Now I'm going to go nuts thinking of everything I've wanted to put on my blog that I couldn't scan, prior to this!!! WHOO HOOOO!!!!

Top: an advanced-prep page, which includes a vintage envelope on the bottom, circa 1873. I love hiding journal entries within a journal entry in these envelopes. The shell stamp is Christine Adolph's design called 'Parisian Shell' from her Shore Cliff series (one of my very favorite stamp designers/lines).

Middle: Another prepped page with 'faux postage' made by me using Michelle Ward's 'Bird Sanctuary' stamp line from Stampington & Co.

Bottom: A completed page. The vintage B&W photo came with a whole stack of others from my friend/co-worker, Greg. The pink/brown-ish background to that is actually a sanded/color-washed postcard that comes with my orders from KT Crafts ... I LOVE her logo/business cards and decided to use one somehow in my journal (thanks, Kelly).


Veronica said...

way to go girl. I am loving your work. This is awesome. Wadda ya know there it was all along. yeah